Lapua Lock Base Semi Auto B476 11g 170gr ,308

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Lapua Lock Base Semi Auto ,308 20/ask

This .308 Winchester tactical cartridge by Lapua is developed for short barreled semi-auto rifles. The cartridge loaded with the 11.0 g /170 gr Lock Base Semi-Auto projectile is designed for optimal ballistic performance in shorter barrels (12”-20”). Lapua tailored the powder type and charge weight to reduce muzzle blast and flash while still delivering outstanding accuracy and velocity. From a standard 16” barrel, muzzle velocity should be 754 m/s (2445 fps) and routinely capable of shooting groups under 1 MOA at 300 meters (<87mm / 300m) with quality rifles. This tactical cartridge works flawlessly with DMR-type semi-auto rifles.
This tactical ammo product is intended for MIL / L.E. use only.